• Image of Cinderella's Still Going to the Ball: An Untold Story of Abuse, Rescue and Rehab

Voluntary and involuntary abuse begins in a person’s life like a sweet dream. After being coerced into vulnerability, your refreshing slumber becomes a disturbing nightmare and you find yourself confined to the throes of distress. You tell yourself “its just a dream”, courageously submit to its will, and hope that you experience a happy ending. Bitterly disappointed, the terror continues. It’s pointless to cry out for help because on the outside you look fine and safe. Outsiders have no idea of your anguish. You have a blighted hope that someone would awaken you and slap you back into reality.

It would be 23 years before Shaunte’ would receive such a warranted wake-up. Having her innocence stolen at the age of four, she would grow up relentlessly betrayed, oppressed, and longing for unconditional love. In Cinderella’s Still Going to the Ball, Dr. Shaunte’ McFarland gives an unforgettable inside look at growing up underprivileged in the rural south. This exclusive glimpse is implicitly triggering for survivors of physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse.

This inspirational memoir takes a quantum leap into uncharted territory. It incorporates a pleasant contrast as a story of strength, forgiveness and grace. Its tenacity will endow you with the strength to forgive, accept and ultimately leave you bolstered with the profound hope in the redemptive power of Christ.

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